B3.2 Travelling Archaeological Exhibitions

Project Status: In Progress

Delivery Partner: Museum of London Archaeology

The project seeks to connect audiences within the Land of the Fanns to the archaeological finds from the landscape held in the Museum of London and local museum archives. It comprises two key elements: the sourcing and selection of artefacts for touring, and interpreting these as part of producing the exhibition.

The project would commence in Year 2 following the completion of the Land of the Fanns book synopsis (B1.1), and run in parallel with the Community Archaeology project (B3.1). The project will also complement the Interpreting the Fanns project (B4.1).

Selection of artefacts
The archaeological heritage exposed by the mineral extraction industry and recorded by the former Passmore Edwards Museum (now the Museum of London) is out of reach both physically and intellectually to local people. Sourcing a selection of this archaeological heritage will allow it to be interpreted and toured as a travelling exhibition. These artefacts on tour will be supplemented by those held by local museums such as Thurrock Museum and Havering Museum. The sourcing and selection of items offers an early opportunity for volunteers to become actively involved in museum-related training and activity.

The interpretation of these will inform the content and style of exhibitions and events that tell the story of the Ice Age and early human habitation of the landscape. The project also has the potential to highlight other archaeological themes such as taking care of artefacts once excavated and the risks to in-situ archaeology. The production of the exhibitions themselves will provide opportunities for involvement.

The emphasis is on an exhibition that can readily be toured across the landscape, using the various visitor centres as suitable focal points enabling a wide range of people to view it.

Thames Chase Trust, Pike Lane
Upminster, Essex RM14 3NS

01708 642970

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