Project Overview

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme is a 5 year programme seeking to restore, discover and celebrate one of the last remaining landscapes of London as it once was.

Land of the Fanns has been a huge success and will positively change the way we work together across our landscape. Through @Thames_Chase and its role as Legacy Body, we have a mechanism in place to grasp this opportunity and work closely to sustain momentum
Dave Bigden, Director

"I am immensely proud of what the Land of the Fanns has achieved and of all those who have contributed towards its success.
The role of @Thames_Chase Trust as the legacy body is to continue to develop and deliver a shared vision across the landscape."

Our final legacy film, Hidden Gems, presented by social historian Ken Worpole
Rich in wildlife and full of surprises, how many of these places have you visited
Thanks to @rosaproductions for capturing the essence of the scheme and area so beautifully