Project Overview

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme is a 5 year programme seeking to restore, discover and celebrate one of the last remaining landscapes of London as it once was.

As we head into the last two months of the scheme, we're reflecting on projects that have taken place and looking at the legacy for each of them
This week we focus on the @Thames_Chase Community Tree Nursery...

1. Making of Little Belhus Country Park
The landowner contacted Rural Arisings; a company specialising in environmental remediation. They took over the lease for the 86-hectare site in 2010
Story writer/Flag designer/Painter: Dhruti Bell/Sonia Dewell
@Kinetika @HeritageFundL_S

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme comes to a conclusion in 2022. Partners and participants came together on Wednesday 27 April to celebrate the Scheme’s successes and reflect on how much has been achieved over the past five years
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