Across the Land of the Fanns you will find many volunteer opportunities.  Whether it be tree planting, river maintenance, heritage research, blog writing, gardening, guiding or something else, you’ll be sure to find the right opportunity for you in our Volunteer Database June 2022.

‘70% of volunteer work does not involve any organisation but happens informally between people in their communities’.

Where will your volunteering adventure take you!?


For small charities and groups who are just setting up or are looking to refresh some of their volunteer policies and procedures, Kay Kelleher of Epitome Consultancy and Training has put together some useful templates to get you started.  You are able to download and edit these templates to make them applicable to your group.


  1. Disciplinary Procedure for Volunteers Template
  2. Grievance Policy for Volunteers Template
  3. Volunteer Application Form Template
  4. Volunteer Expenses Claim Form Template
  5. Volunteer Expenses Policy Template
  6. Volunteer Induction Checklist Template
  7. Volunteer Policy Template
  8. Volunteer Reference Request Template
  9. Volunteer Role Description Template
  10. Volunteer Supervision Form Template