C2.1 School Programme

Project Status: Not Started

The project will develop an educational resource to encourage learning about the landscape heritage outside of the classroom. It will provide a diverse range of cross-curricular lesson plans and resources appropriate for Key Stages 1 to 4 that will be available online. The project complements the ‘Promoting the Land of the Fanns’ (C1.2) by focussing on schools. The ‘School programme’ project will also scope out the potential for a Forest School within the landscape area.

There are two components to this project:
1. Education resource and school engagement
2. Forest School

1. Education resource and school engagement

The resource will focus on the Land of the Fanns landscape and how it has evolved and changed over time, as well as key periods in history and local traditions. It will raise awareness about the wealth of heritage found in the scheme area and how it can be used to support and enhance formal education.

The resource will employ an education consultant to develop the resource along with an Advisory Group of teachers and scheme partners offering educational services in the second year of the scheme. The full involvement of these groups is crucial to the sustainability of the resource and it being used for the long term. Once the resource has been developed, partners and education specialists will promote it to local schools during Years 3-5. Developing the resource after Year 1 (during which a body of information on the landscape will be unearthed) will ensure that the resource builds on the findings of other Scheme projects. Starting in Year 2 represents the earliest point within the Scheme that this work can be credibly developed, with subsequent promotion over 3 to 4 years helping to embed this work and support legacy. This time will help the resources become familiar to teachers and schools so that it can be used directly by schools once the Scheme ends. The resource will be available on the Land of the Fanns website.

Training will be offered to teachers to confidently apply the education resources both inside and outside of the classroom in an independent way. A limited budget will also be available to subsidise school visits to sites within the Land of the Fanns.

2. Forest School

Forest Schools are an excellent fit with the ethos of the Land of the Fanns, with the aim of developing children’s confidence and learning within a natural environment. The Thames Chase Trust has offered their site at Thames Chase Forest Centre as a potential location for a Forest School.

The Essex Wildlife Trust provides Forest School training courses to achieve Level 2 or 3 qualifications in running or assisting with a Forest School. The cost is £380 and £830 respectively. Much can be learned from their Outdoor Learning Team, who provide an advisory service to new Forest Schools.

There are a number of forest schools in Essex and East London (see www.forestschools.com), although most are clustered around Colchester and Chelmsford, and none could be found within the Land of the Fanns area, which provides the possibility of developing a niche enterprise.

A viability/needs study will be undertaken to establish viability and identify the most appropriate means of establishing a Forest School within the Land of the Fanns. This could represent a sustainable legacy for the LOTF LPS in terms of education.

Thames Chase Trust, Pike Lane
Upminster, Essex RM14 3NS

01708 642970

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