12. Reflection, Thorndon Park South

My first walk with Kinetika and the Land of the Fanns Programme. A truly inspirational day lifting me from hopelessness to hope.

A vast area with stunning views across the countryside as far as Canary Wharf.  It was a clear day, perfect for a walk with like-minded people.

Many sounds, birds singing, drone of airplanes, traffic noise, but slowly the sounds disappearing and I was lost in the beauty of the different landscapes.

Walking through fields, meadows, wooded areas, shingle paths, ponds, lakes displaying wonderful reflections of the trees surrounding them.

A day of true reflection for me as life had thrown me into difficult times. However, it gave me time to spend in nature and helped me realise that life is but a circle and nothing remains the same.  Seasons change, from the darkness of winter there is new growth, renewal of life after a period of rest. The water under the bridge never stays the same, it is in constant movement.  The walk inspired me to be thankful for the beauty in nature and write a poem called reflection and the song ‘A Perfect Day’



In the shadows, I see my reflection Reflecting on life,

Being part of the bigger picture

A walk in the openness

A walk in the stillness Birds singing

Trees swaying

A sense of calm

A sense of peace

Away from the frantic life Interesting conversations

Opening of new doors which somehow had been lost. Being mindful, journaling, being creative

Reconnecting with nature and wildlife

A sense of community

A day filled with HOPE.


Story writer/provider
Diana Huskie

Flag Designer
Diana Huskie

Diana Huskie

Landscape Character Area
Belhus Lowland Quarry Farmland

Thames Chase Trust, Pike Lane
Upminster, Essex RM14 3NS

01708 642970

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