71. Travelling Through Time At Rainham Hall

A visit into the past, Rainham Hall stands beautifully kept like a jewel with wooden beams, white brick, it is sturdy and grand, tucked away from Rainham Station.

A guide takes me through my first visit down the winding staircase,built as if it were a barrel to reflect the old Brewhouse, through to the house where the mahogany staircase stands proud to welcome me.

A room holds the history of Anthony Denny (1913-90) photographer, interior designer who shot covers for British Vogue, his exhibits within a glass case. The remnants of his past lay inside: CV, change of address card, bow tie, letters of recommendation and pictures of him that are held safe inside the bosom of the cabinet.

Outside the garden, three acres, where two Japanese-like lanterns stand, tiled sculptures with leaves and plants embellished into them that greet me at the end of the path. Nature grows with her beauty of flowers and plants. Although it is cold, as the wind is chilly, the enchanted house behind stands like one of those found in a fairy tale.  How I would like to live here, I thought, as I discovered people used to be able rent lodgings here.

The house holds the past as if it was still here and you can feel it’s warmth and spirits of yesterday but it is also of the present, where a Christmas Carol BBC drama adaptation was filmed, so it’s relevant within today’s world.

I leave Rainhall Hall with gained knowledge and insights into Barking and Dagenham, as a visitor led through its body that was a passage through time, I look forward to visiting it again.

Story writer/provider
Tavinder Kaur New

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Tavinder Kaur New

Kinetika Artists

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Rainham, Aveley and Wenington

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