Project Overview

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme is a 5 year programme seeking to restore, discover and celebrate one of the last remaining landscapes of London as it once was.

Take part in @OfficialZSL's Outfall Safari Surveys throughout April along the River Rom. Attend the briefing session on Weds 20th March at the Millennium Centre to find out more:

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Congratulations to the winners of our photo competition!
1st Robert Stevenson, Ingrebourne Marshes
2nd Paul Harold, Rainham Marshes
3rd Nick Griffin, Cely Woods
Thanks to everyone who entered. It was great to see so many photos from around the Land of the Fanns


Cranham Marsh is all that remains of a marshland habitat that once covered many square miles. It contains a variety of habitats including marsh, sedge fen (one of the best surviving in Essex) and ancient woodland
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