Project Overview

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme is a 5 year programme seeking to restore, discover and celebrate one of the last remaining landscapes of London as it once was.

Did you know, there are around 250 species of bee in the UK! 1 honeybee, 24 species of bumblebee and around 225 species of solitary bees.
@BumblebeeTrust @30DaysWild

Brilliant day with @BumblebeeTrust learning how to ID bumblebees and about their ecology. Despite the rain we saw lots of buff tailed bumblebee, a common carder bee and tree bumblebee at @Thames_Chase 🐝🐝🐝


Looking for a grant up to £5,000?
Are you within or surrounding the Land of the Fanns area?
Does your project compliment the wider delivery of our scheme?
We'd love to hear from you!
For details visit:
Deadline 31 July 2019
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