A1.1 Landscape Management Plan

Project Status: In Progress. Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) Establishing links with local farm owners and landowners. ‘From Local to Landscape’ seeks to effect a fundamental change in how our landscape is managed and worked by moving away from a more locally focused, less strategic approach to

A2.1 Woodland, Grassland and Hedgerows

Project Status: In Progress. Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: Essex County Council, Forestry England, RSPB, Havering Wildlife Project, Place Services, Thurrock Council, Essex Wildlife Trust, Barking and Dagenham Council, Thames Chase Trust Essex County Council: Woodland and grassland management projects. Grazing scheme in place at Thorndon Country Park. Woodland thinning work at Codham and

A2.2 Low Nutrient Habitats

Project Status: In Progress. Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: Havering Council,  London Essex and Hertfordshire Amphibian and Reptile Trust (LEHART) Location: Tylers Common Surveying Developing management regimes The remnants of low nutrient habitats with the Land of the Fanns area represent an original opportunity to restore ancient landscape features with supporting interpretation. With

A2.3 Rediscovering the Lost Fens

Project Status: Not Started. ‘Rediscovering the Lost Fens’ will focus on the historic Fen landscape at the heart of the Land of the Fanns, drawing on the local network of footpaths to develop access and interpretation, whilst working with landowners to deliver restoration work through Countryside Stewardship. The project represents

A2.4 Micro landscapes

Project Status: In Progress. Delivering Partners/Stakeholders: The Land Trust, Essex Wildlife Trust, Buglife Location: West Thurrock Marshes Developing management regimes The urban landscape within the Land of the Fanns area has become nationally significant for invertebrate species. This is especially the case within Thurrock, where a history of industry has

A3.1 River Catchments

Project Status: In Progress. Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: River Rom/Beam: Thames 21, Havering Council, Barking & Dagenham Council, Environment Agency, YMCA, Havering Wildlife Project, RBI Catchment Partnership River Ingrebourne: Forestry England, Thames21, Havering Wildlife Project, Environment Agency River Mardyke: Essex Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency (Essex), Thurrock Council, The Land Trust The key goals identified

A3.2 Connecting Historic Landscapes

Project Status: Started. The project will focus on improving access and understanding at two historic landscapes with the Land of the Fanns. These are the Capability Brown landscapes at: Weald Country Park – Havering Thorndon Park (Grade II* Registered Park & Garden) in Brentwood. While the ownership of the woodland,

A4.1 Environment Skills & Training

Project Status: In Progress. Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: London Wildlife Trust, ZSL, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Thames21, LEHART Delivering training events. ‘Environment Skills and Training’ will provide a wide range of training for those implementing the Scheme and help local people to increase their understanding of the natural elements of Land of the

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