C1.1 Digital Heritage

Project Status: Not Started The project will see the development of an app that collects data (e.g. text, images, trail coordinates etc) from the Land of the Fanns website. This data will be sourced via wider data-collection project initiatives such as Designed Landscapes (B2.1) and Community Mapping (B2.2), and structured

C1.2 Promoting the Land of the Fanns

Project Status: In Progress The Audience Development Plan explored the potential audiences for the LOTF LPS and considered what the most suitable promotion and marketing methods were. Informed by the survey respondents, the Plan identified that websites and emails (over 50%) were by far the most popular methods by which

C2.1 School Programme

Project Status: Progressing The project will develop an educational resource to encourage learning about the landscape heritage outside of the classroom. It will provide a diverse range of cross-curricular lesson plans and resources appropriate for Key Stages 1 to 4 that will be available online. The project complements the ‘Promoting

C2.2 Volunteer Co-ordination

Project Status: Not Started The Land of the Fanns benefits from a wide range of heritage and environmental organisations that provide volunteering opportunities. This project seeks to ensure clear volunteer role descriptions and the co-ordination of these opportunities, linking them to Scheme projects so that prospective volunteers linked to such

C2.3 Community Action Fund

Project Status: In Progress This initiative will establish a grants programme for communities to deliver projects complementing the wider Scheme. The intention is to help encourage empowerment and promote a sense of ownership of heritage by local people. Through a grants application process managed by the Land of the Fanns

C3.1 Landscape Champions of Tomorrow

Project Status: In Progress ‘Landscape Champions of Tomorrow’ seeks to provide training directly relating to LotF LPS delivery and to support future sustainability through governance and leadership training. The project therefore underpins a wide suite of other delivery projects, whilst helping to lay the foundations for legacy. There are two

C3.2 Apprentice Scheme

Project Status: In Progress Delivery Partners/Stakeholders: Forestry England The Scheme will employ 2 apprentices during the life of the Landscape Partnership Scheme, each for a two-year period starting in Year 2 of the Scheme. The Forestry Commission will employ these apprentices as employees and host them under the FC national

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